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Financing: Sharing credit, sharing surplus The Cultural Cooperative Network fund will be created by launching a general crowdfunding campaign and will be composed of a combination of €uros and alternative currency, the Faircoin*. The fund will be hosted by The Bank of the Commons, an ethical banking cooperative with the […]

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Mutual Support

Mutual Support: Spaces and Services Mutual support can be extended beyond the funds’ recovery itself. Each member will also be allowed to give the money back to the fund by a sort of time (& space) bank system, i.e. offering services to the network, space availability for other members’ events […]


The CCN will be collective member of Freedomcoop* which will provide a shared ID number for tax purposes to all the applicant members. Through this, CCN will be able to issue the invoice for the members, and subsequently pay them. For this service, a one-time or periodical fee (depending on […]

Faircoop Ecosystem

The CCN will be connected in parallell with the Faircoop Ecosystem which includes a supplementary network of local nodes and service suppliers such as food cooperatives, shops, where it will be possible to pay in Faircoin*, exchange services and provide mutual support. >>> FIND OUT MORE ABOUT FAIRCOOP