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Becoming a member of the CCN means becoming part of a new way of thinking about cultural production.

We conceive CCN as a way of redistributing values within the network, and of minimizing the power differential among those perceived as strong and weak actors.
CCN wants to incentivize and support the work and research of small-scale organizations, collectives and solo artists, as much as promote and help to consolidate cultural realities.
A democratic process by vote will guarantee a balanced distribution of the fund.
Furthermore, the cultural production will be shaped by the community, by its needs and desires.


As any cooperative, CCN membership provides shares to the joining members.

Every share of CCN is 30 euros. The minimal shares are 1 for individuals and 2 for collectives. You could contribute more based on our economic capacity.


If the first year the members get shares of CCN, the following years CCN plans to have an annual yearly fee to sustain the running costs. The minimal value of this fee would be the same than the minimum payment in shares (30 euro for individual and 60 euro for collectives)


More details about what the membership means in the FAQ page:

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