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  1. Financing
  2. Mutual Support
  3. Invoicing
  4. Network of service providers

1  Financing: Sharing credit, sharing surplus

The Cultural Cooperative Network fund will be created by launching a general crowdfunding campaign and will be composed of a combination of €uros and alternative currency (Faircoin*).

The fund will be hosted by The Bank of the Commons, an ethical banking cooperative movement with the aim of rethinking money and finances as commons by replacing the current banking system with growing, fair and self-managed ones.

* The importance of using the Faircoin: Faircoin is a cryptocurrency developed in 2014. As cryptocurrency, it supports an alternative e1 Financing: Sharing credit, sharing surplusconomic system with the aim of creating a new global and cooperative ecosystem. It sustains a new policy of economic justice and mutual relations between people, collectives, cooperatives and NPO. The more Faircoin will be used, the more its values (economical and symbolic) will grow in order to compete with the current capitalist market and create an another economic ecosystem based in cooperation.

The fund will be used to economically sustain spaces, artists, cultural events, and it will be provided to the member as interest free credit.

Our goal is to make our network economically autonomous. Therefore, the fund should be used to cover production costs, and both emergency and extraordinary expenses. Not being able to pay one month’s rent can be an emergency for an art space, and the network can decide to help. However, it will be fundamental not to constantly rely on the fund for daily/monthly expenses.

Every member of the CCN can submit a project proposal featured by a detailed budget that both describes how the fund is going to be used and recovered.

By a collective vote ( Stated through local and global specific assemblies), the community decides to fund the project or not.

Every member can submit a new funding request after the same amount of time needed to bring money back to the fund.

i.e. if the money goes back to the fund after 6 months, the member will be allowed to submit a new request after 6 months starting from the consignment.

In this way, the fund will be able to guarantee a balance between debit and credit cycles.
Furthermore, the fund will be a great tool in relation to public fundings’ timing.

Indeed, very often projects depend on public funding to be realized. However, the time needed by the public bureaucracy to release the fund can be endless and, in this way, affects the production. In these cases, the CCN fund can be used to obtain the money in advance and return it once the public payment has been received: this will allow members to save precious working time and guarantee that they will have all the money at the exact moment it is needed.

The process of recovering money, especially for Not-for-profit art spaces can be complicated: in this moment the network intervenes.
Collectives, spaces, artists can gather their abilities and works together in order to collectively recover the money by organizing, for example, a fundraising event. They can also support each other by sharing good practices or spreading crowdfunding campaigns through their contacts.

2 Mutual Support: Spaces and Services

Mutual support can be extended beyond the funds recovery itself.

Each member will be also allowed to give the money back to the fund by a sort of time (& space) bank system, i.e. offering services to the network, space availability for other members’ events and so on.

*While joining the network, every member can indeed specify which type of services/goods it will be able to share and offer to the network in case the time and spacebank system is needed/applied for.

All the information and details will be collected into a global map available online and monitored by local nodes.

3 Invoicing

The CCN will be collective member of Freedomcoop* which will provide a shared ID number for tax purposes to all the applicant members.

Through this, CCN will be able to issue the invoice for the members, and subsequently pay them.

For this service, a one-time or periodical fee (depending on needs) will be charged to the applicant member in order to cover administrative and technical costs.

The periodical membership fee (only for self-employed members) can be payable every three months. The amount depends dynamically on the periodical profits of each member, according to the Mutual Support: Spaces and Servicesesese invoices of incomes and expenses of the member.

* Freedom Coop is an European Cooperative Society (SCE) which creates toolkits for self-management, self-employment, economic autonomy and financial disobedience for all individuals and groups striving for fairer, more solidarity and cooperative social and economic relationships.

4 Faircoop Ecosystem

The CCN will be connected in parallell with the Faircoop Ecosystem which includes a supplementary network of local nodes and service suppliers such as food cooperatives, shops, where it will be possible to pay in Faircoin*, exchange services and provide mutual support.

Category: General

Becoming a member of the network means becoming part of a new way of thinking about cultural production.

We thought about CCN as a way of redistributing values withing the network, and of minimizing the power differential among the strong and weak actors.

CCN wants to incentivize and support the work and research of small scale organizations, collectives and solo artists, as much as promote and help to consolidate cultural realities.

A democratic process by vote will guarantee a balanced distribution of the fund.

Furthermore, the cultural production will be shaped by the community, by its needs and desires.

Category: General

When you integrate diversity into your network service strategies, more individuals benefit from the services you offer.
That’s why we designed CCN as a platform for non-profit art spaces, artist-run spaces, commercial galleries (worker-run galleries), collectives with no legal status, artists and curators.
Every member should be working in one of the following fields:

  • Visual Art (Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Photography, Engraving, Mixed Media)
  • Digital/Net art
  • Video Art
  • Sound Art
  • Theatre and Performance Art
  • Literature
  • Public/Engaging Art practices
  • Art Curating
  • Art Residency
  • Experimental pedagogies
Category: General

Joining the CCN requires buying at least 1 share for individuals and 2 for collectives.

Every share of CCN is 30 euros. You could contribute more based on your economic capacity.

If the first year the members get shares of CCN, the following years CCN plans to have an annual yearly fee to sustain the running costs. The minimal value of this fee would be the same than the minimum payment in shares

  • Single Artist, Curator = 30€ per year
  • NPO, Artist Collective, Curatorial Team, Gallery = 60€ per year

Please note that the fee will cover the administrative expenses of the CCN, such as the website, the platform, the accounting manager, etc.

Category: General