Any part of the planet

How it works

CCN is a platform for non-profit art spaces, artist-run spaces, commercial galleries (workers-run galleries), collectives with no legal status, artists and curators.
Every member should be work in one of the following fields:

  • Visual Art (Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Photography, Engraving, Mixed Media)
  • Digital/Net art
  • Video Art and Filmmaking
  • Sound Art
  • Theatre and Performance Art
  • Literature
  • Public/Engaging Art practices
  • Art Curating
  • Art Residency
  • Experimental pedagogies

Becoming a member of CCN will allow you to have access to many services offered by the cooperative network.

  • Financing
  • Mutual Support
  • Invoicing
  • Network of service providers

We are working hard in order to reach important goals.
The more the community grows, more we will be able to develop and supply more services to you.