Any part of the planet

In the future

We are working hard in order to reach important goals.
More the community will grow, more we will be able to develop and supply to you more services such as:

Legal Support

A coordination and legal support service for all the members, including legal entities. This takes place through the use of legal structures, via the strengthening of a solidarity economy, and with a monetary flow that does not leak, allowing funds to stay within an internal ecosystem.

Mutual Guarantee Fund

Mutual Guarantee Fund will be a parallel coop fund which aims to guarantee all the members an adequate coverage in case of pregnancy, illness, and, later on, retirement.
Working as freelancer often means black money, no contracts, no tax payment, no health or pregnancy coverage and so on. MGF wants to face the difficulties that cultural workers meet in their career by providing a new tool, already tested all over the world and more and more frequently used as an efficient alternative solution to the lack of services and rights for freelancers.

New Art Market

Once the network is big enough, another goal of the CCN will be developing a New Art Market.
Following the same principle of invoicing on behalf of the members, the Cooperative would be able to sell artworks on behalf of the Non-Profit Art Spaces, helping them, in this way, to recover funds.
This practice might be also seen as an alternative strategy able to balance the inequality between non-profit art spaces and commercial galleries, creating a new free and more competitive art market.