Any part of the planet


The network works both on a local and on a global scale.
Each local network constitutes a local node, the local grassroots base.
They offer the link between local projects, members, initiatives, individuals or collectives and the global Cultural Coop community. Their role will be offering support to each local member, as well as providing information and spreading awareness to encourage more people to join.
Local nodes can, therefore, organise welcome meetings and public conferences for the people interested in knowing more about the CCN.
Therefore each local node can be seen as the cornerstone for local assemblies, thus the connector team which shares the information bidirectionally (local-global-local).

How many members per node?
The minimum number to be considered a functional node is 3 members because 3 is in many cultures the minimum number to create a coop, Not-for-profit, etc.
However it would be great to be at least 6 people, and a node which is able to involve 10-12 very active members would be a powerful one.
For those people who are looking forward to creating a node but are less than 3, the first thing to do is networking! We are sure there are people around you interested in the project.

Moreover, you can ask the Extension Commission to help you create an event near you so that more people can learn about the project.

The global CCN administrative structure will be articulated in different commissions that will be in charge of improving specific services of the platform, proposing reformations and enrichments to the members, etc.
Each commission (i.e. Administration, Services, Legal Support, Extension,…) will be open to the participation of the members.

How is the community vote going to work?
The community’s vote is based on the consensus process between all the members.
This will be articulated both globally and locally, respectively through dedicated online and physical assemblies.