Any part of the planet


The CCN will be collective member of Freedomcoop* which will provide a shared ID number for tax purposes to all the applicant members.

Through this, CCN will be able to issue the invoice for the members, and subsequently pay them.
For this service, a one-time or periodical fee (depending on needs) will be charged to the applicant member in order to cover administrative and technical costs.

The periodical membership fee (only for self-employed members) can be payable every three months. The amount depends dynamically on the periodical profits of each member, according to the invoices of incomes and expenses of the member.

* Freedom Coop is an European Cooperative Society (SCE) which creates toolkits for self-management, self-employment, economic autonomy and financial disobedience for all individuals and groups striving for fairer, more solidarity and cooperative social and economic relationships.